ABOUT me & my portfolio

My name is Denise Reilley and I am a graduate student finishing my journey in the Master of Educational Technology (M.E.T.) program at Boise State University. While I have been studying and completing projects, I have been teaching Digital Design & Production courses at College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA. Even though I currently teach online, my decision to enroll in the EdTech graduate program was two-fold: to stay abreast of emerging technologies and further my education to eventually teach full time. My teaching goal is to keep it fresh, fun and engage the learner. This program has definitely helped me foster a more engaging and interactive teaching experience. I have discovered many new resources and technologies that I have designed and implemented into my current online courses.

This e-portfolio is a culmination of my work divided into three parts: artifacts aligned to AECT standards, a rationale paper justifying project artifacts to standards, and a reflection video of my experience in the M.E.T. program. I hope you enjoy perusing through my projects as much as I have enjoyed the creative and educational process.

Denise Reilley

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Denise Reilley

Artsy Pixelmaid in Second Life

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Artsy Pixelmaid